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Online donations

Available by PayPal, credit card, Debit card, or Zelle (please use phone number 510-468-3662 to send money without bank charges)

Tax deductible

Online donations are tax deductible. After donating online, you will receive an email receipt automatically through payment gateways.

       Purple Lotus Temple is a Buddhist temple and a religious non-profit organization. The temple's operation and all charitable activities rely on donors like you worldwide. We sincerely appreciate people who give us unselfish support through words, actions, and donations.

       Purple Lotus Temple provides a place and a channel for people in need to eliminate difficulties, attain cheerful happiness, and develop their mind awakening. Temple also shares religious professions with those who want to transcend life difficulties.

       We hope individuals can support us according to their wishes and financial ability.

       In response to donations from the world, Purple Lotus Temple will also give back to the societies. For instance, we donated to the senior center and the places with difficulties.

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Donation types (multiple options available)
* For those whose donation is designated to temple activities, we will pray for his or her wishes for a month.
Donation frequency
* Reminder: After selecting "I want to do a monthly fixed donation", the system will automatically deduct the payment on the day of each month.
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