Purple Lotus Temple 2024 New Year Ceremony

Feb 17th 功德圓滿

Master Samanth

Master Samanth

啟建 一年一度的新春祈福法會

法會主尊: 南摩觀世音菩薩

On the occasion of 2024 lunar new year, Purple Lotus Temple will hold a New Year Blessing Ceremony. We hope that year 2024 will bring us lots of bright, peaceful, blessing moments. Let's also thank for our family members and deceased ancestors during the ceremony. We should appreciate what they had contributed to our lives.

Year 2024 also coincides with lots of natural and man-made disasters, wars, economic oppression, and unrest around the world. We pray that people should do all good deeds, and be away from wrong-doings. By this, the world karma could be eliminated, and the world peace could sustain.

We pray to Guanyin Bodhisattva that people registering the ceremony are able to eliminate karma, be away from troubles, increase mindful wisdom, and be physically and mentally healthy.

* Registration for the alive: could be oneself, parents, children, friends, etc.

* Registration for the deceased: could be one's ancestors, water spirits, entangled spirits, or deceased relatives.